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Few things plan before investing in dive computer and to think over and make your future diving experiences painless! If you are planning to progress in scuba diving mastership, and dive with technical gas mixes or participate in diving actions that are free - you must invest in expensive computer that's multi-gas capacities, wireless air integration, digital compass, free dive mode etc. When you answer all questions about future plans and your diving career - you can make an inventory of desired parameters and functions for your own dive computer.

Dive watch computers may be hoseless (wireless) air-incorporated or no atmosphere-incorporated and we wear them on wrist. Scuba masks have screen on the lower right side and optical system designed in such a style that you just may see all shipwreck information and it does not interrupt view that is submerged. Otherwise, we may end with rather sizable amount of money to cover the new dive device!

However if your leather wallet is thick enough and see yourself diving with freediving or technical mixtures and you are about to progress rapidly in diving livelihood - you should invest in more complex dive computer. Some of those dive computers have wireless atmosphere-integration, multi- gas alternatives, possibility of uploading images, heart rate monitoring, integrated digital compass and much more and they may be designed for serious divers. This step is about your new scuba dive computer can give the best fit for your personality and accentuate it!